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  • Moltainer 100 Liters
    The Moltainer system is a completely sealed, UN-approved return packaging system. The compact Moltainers are extremely suitable for the use of water-based reinforced primers, coatings and enamel paints, and those which contain solvents. Obviously it is also possible to store thinners, degreasing and hardening agents without any problem.

    Moltainer 250 Liters
    The unique Moltainers are available with a capacity of 100, 250, 550 and 1000 liters. Working with the environmentally-friendly 'Moltainers' is very profitable for the end user. In fact, the empty Moltainers are picked up and refilled by Mol Coatings after use.

    Moltainers 550 Liters
    With this recycling system you make considerable savings on labor costs and there is less waste to process. In addition, the Moltainers leave significantly less enamel paint, primer and coating residues than the more conventional packaging, savings which can mount up to several hundreds of liters on an annual basis.

    Moltainers 1000 Liters
    Some of the other big advantages of a 100% sealed Moltainer System include the clean and dry connection, rapid color change, no emission of solvents and fire safety. Mol Coatings provides the solution for every client's specific requirements with its range of Moltainers to cover every job.